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Are your IT costs spinning out of control?
Is your company experiencing downtime and customer dissatisfaction?
Are you utilizing your technology investment to the fullest?

From computer support, IT consulting, IT outsourcing, helpdesk services, disaster recovery, application hosting, software and web application development,
hosted desktop and email hosting to CIO level consulting, managed services, business telephone systems, and other IT Services, Goline is your IT partner.
Headquartered in Stabio, Switzerland, Goline has been the provider of choice for small business.

All of our IT Support plans are customized to fit your needs so that you can worry less about IT and spend more time running your business.
Small and medium businesses can fare well in today's tough economy by outsourcing their IT to Goline IT Services.

Goline company specializes in software and web application development services such as logistic software development, content distribution & management systems development,
e-commerce software programming, web portals and websites development, mobile application development plus many others.

Java, .Net, PHP software developers in our company are also experienced in developing major enterprise applications such as CRM & ERP software, Knowledge Management,
Business Intelligence software plus many other solutions.

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Best practice IT service management provides a framework through which we can continually measure and improve the service we deliver, and the value it renders to our customers.
We are focussed on delivering a service that facilitates the outcomes our customers want, without the risk and cost of ownership.


This approach establishes a standard framework for implementing all required changes, and ensures all stakeholders are addressed and supported by the transition of knowledge across the business. Best practice service transition also ensures that these services can operate in extreme or unusual circumstances and that, in the case of their failure, there is support on hand to address it.


Looking Glass

Looking Glass
BGP Looking Glass servers are computers on the Internet running one of a variety of publicly available Looking Glass software implementations. A Looking Glass server (or LG server) is accessed remotely ...

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RIPE Atlas Probe

Probe #17919: GOLINE SA - IT Services
Hosting a RIPE Atlas probe is easy. Create a RIPE NCC Access account and apply for a probe - we'll evaluate your request to ...

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MailStore partner

mailstore registered partner

MailStore Server helps companies meet a growing number of regulations on email compliance, eDiscovery, and other legislation.
MailStore Server is also an important tool that helps these companies protect themselves ...

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Open-E Partnership

Open-E, Inc. is a pioneering leader and developer of storage software. The company is known for its product - Open-E Data Storage Software V6 (DSS V6) - file and block ...

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