Goline it

Episode iv

More than a decade ago, the idea was born to establish a company that could technologically support companies in the logistics and supply chain sector of the fresh food industry.

it, for some short-sighted entrepreneurs, is a necessary evil, an unnecessary cost, "because we've been working this way for years anyway."

For others, however, it is pure strategy or, at any rate, a tool for increasing productivity, optimizing resources, engineering processes, and being faster and more efficient than competitors.

That is why Goline was born, the result of a collection of talented computer engineers, who have established technical skills over many years, and who live in an environment rich in innovation and new technologies.

it could be said that in addition to being a company, it is an it university. Where people arrive with already considerable skills and acquire a tremendous amount of additional skills.

This is because it is a very heteronegeous technological environment. Full of different systems that interconnect and technologies that are always on the cutting edge.

Have a good journey and welcome to the
Goline galaxy.