Fax Over IP (FoIP) with GFI FAXmaker

With the optional Brooktrout SR140 host based module or TE-SYSTEMS' XCAPI, GFI FaxMaker integrates with your existing IP PBX or with T.38 SIP providers to offer Fax over IP (FoIP) without any additional hardware requirements.

Sending faxes in real time over an IP network

Faxing manually is out of date! The time when faxes used to be sent one by one over a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is gone.

Using Internet technology, it is possible to send professional faxes over the Internet at a very low cost. This can be achieved through Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP) which is a technology that allows faxes to be sent in real time over an IP network.
This white paper examines the different technologies and protocols available to send faxes.


What is FoIP?

FoIP is a deviation from Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as it makes use of a new protocol (T.38) instead of a voice codec. However, both VoIP and FoIP have session management features in common in that both have connection, disconnection and negotiation stages. In VoIP the data is audio and is sent over an audio compression codec for example G.117a which is a lossy compression scheme: a compression method whereby data that is compressed and then decompressed may well be different from the original, but is close enough to be useful in some way. In FoIP the data is T.30 fax data instead of audio and T.30 data does not make use of a lossy compression scheme. Since T.30 data is quite compressed in itself, there is no need for compression but mostly data integrity, and as illustrated in the diagram below, FoIP uses a protocol called T.38 to transfer fax data over IP.



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