Traceability permits sharing information on the life cycle of a given product as well as at each stage in the supply chain, from the producer to the distributor and the final consumer.

The historicisation of information is attained with the use of standard data records which are structured so as to make it possible to save and identify all the information required to answer the questions “What, Where, When and Why?”.
This permits identifying and analysing every event and process related to a specific product, thus making them available for all the partners in the supply chain.


Collecting data and associating it to any given product is conditional upon the latter being identified by:

  • GTIN + SERIAL NUMBERwith an EPC/RFID tag or bar code (GS1-128, DataMatrix or DataBar)
  • GTIN + LOT through a bar code (GS1-128, DataMatrix o DataBar)

Certain events are recorded for each traced product (e.g. its position at a given stage of the supply chain) and the answers to the questions “What, Where, When and Why?” are collected.
The data so collected is then shared with the partners of the supply chain, thus ensuring the real-time visibility, monitoring and traceability of the products.


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The idea behind GOLINE’s activity is to support the growth of modern, innovative companies whose focus is on the talents that can make a difference in devising the most appropriate solutions.
We specialise in the creation of software for the logistic platforms used within the distribution chain of fresh products. In conjunction with our clients, we have developed a complete suite of tools specifically designed for solving all the common problems typically encountered in this particular sector.
In addition, we are retailers of some leading brands and specialise in networking, virtualisation and security. We provide consultancy in the field of systems engineering as well as document management, CRM, Cloud and hosting, Wi-Fi networks distributed in production areas and many other customised solutions.




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