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  • RIPE – Atlas Anchor February 17th, 2022
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GoFresh is a suite of tools designed to support the day-to-day activity of logistic platforms

GoFresh Suite

GoFresh is a suite of tools designed to support the day-to-day activity of logistic platforms. The automated processes integrated with the active and the passive cycle of the ERP system replace the manual operation of entering data by the operator, thus saving time and reducing the likelihood of human error.


The software features web architecture and a modular and scalable structure which allows each given product to grow as the customer’s needs do.
GoFresh has been implemented with the latest Microsoft technologies and uses HTML5 and Bootstrap, which makes user interfaces more fluid and intuitive.
The product is closely integrated with the ERP system by means of data connectors which permit communication.
The reporting system is integrated across modules, can be customised and is located both inside and outside the application together with a business intelligence solution such as Qlik, which expands its potential.

GoFresh consists of the following modules:

  • Administration
  • Price Calculator
  • Orders
  • Planning
  • Reporting

The Administration Module

The function of the administration module is to manage users and groups authorisations.
Access to GoFresh is given by the authentication mode “Single Sign-On (SSO)” or “Form-based authentication”.
Groups permit aggregating and authorising certain functionalities for the users.
The administration module is only available to the administrators of GoFresh.

The Price Calculator Module

Most ERP systems do not have functionalities for calculating the selling prices of articles or groups of articles. GoFresh fills this gap by introducing a module dedicated to the creation of calculation models. Mathematical models can be totally parameterized and allow performing complex operations using variables such as, for instance, processing and shipping costs, waste and transport costs, and calculating final prices also accounting for margins.
The selling price can be calculated on the basis of a given selected margin.
Finally, the purchase price can be determined on the basis of the selling price.

The Orders Module

ERP systems do not always reflect the actual needs of a company or of individual units. As regards purchase orders, for example, the concept of pre-order is not always considered.
GoFresh features a whole module for the management of the procurement cycle of the goods which adds to the functionalities of the ERP system.
The module allows you to:

  • Create pre-orders
  • Move pre-orders forward to actual orders in the ERP system
  • Plan the use of transport means
  • Associate purchase orders to transport planning
  • Producing transport documentation
  • Warehouse management (inventories)
  • Assign lot number to be associated to selling orders
  • Import orders from external ERP systems
  • Manage the daily transport plan

The planning Module

The planning of purchases and sales of perishable goods involves very tight delivery schedules.
It is essential to correctly manage and monitor each stage of procurement, to carefully evaluate the real needs on the basis of actual market demand, to fine-tune the purchase of goods by adjusting the warehouse stock and select the suppliers according to quality assessments.
In concert with the price calculation module, it is possible to import the purchase cost of the goods so as to plan procurement.

The Reporting Module

There are two levels or reporting in the GoFresh module. The first one shows structured data in static table form, using initial filters, whereas integration with the Qlik Business Intelligence platform, which allows for interaction with the user by showing a dynamic representation of the data, represents a more advanced methodology. Both levels make it possible to export the data obtained from queries in different formats.

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