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  • In the supply and logistics sectors, email communication is pivotal. However, organizations face threats like email fraud and phishing. GOLINE SA's clients struggled with configuring email authentication protocols manually. To address this challenge, GOLINE SA became an MSP Partner of PowerDMARC, collaborating to streamline implementation and management. PowerDMARC's cloud-based platform automated DMARC, SPF, and DKIM protocols for GOLINE SA's clients. This streamlined the transition to DMARC enforcement policies, bolstering domain protection without compromising email deliverability. The intuitive platform facilitated easy navigation and provided detailed reporting for proactive issue resolution. GOLINE SA's clients experienced tangible benefits: Enhanced Email Security: Automated protocols...
  • Route RPKI validation April 1st, 2022
    RPKI is a security framework by which network owners can validate and secure the critical route updates or Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) announcements between public Internet networks. BGP is essentially the central nervous system of the Internet and one of its fundamental building blocks. The main function of BGP is to facilitate efficient routing between Autonomous Systems (AS), by building and maintaining the Internet routing table. The Internet routing table is effectively the navigation system of the Internet and without it, traffic would be unable to flow between its constituent networks. Unfortunately, routing equipment alone cannot distinguish between legitimate and malicious routing announcements,...
  • RIPE – Atlas Anchor February 17th, 2022
    We have become an even more integral part of the RIPE Atlas project by hosting an anchor, a device that allows for latency analysis of traffic between autonomous systems. Atlas anchors play an integral role in the RIPE Atlas network by acting both as enhanced RIPE Atlas probes with more measurement capacity, as well as regional measurement targets within the greater RIPE Atlas network. Anchors are able to perform many more measurements than a regular RIPE Atlas probe, and the large amount of data they collect is made available to everyone. In addition, anchors act as powerful targets that can...

The ideal ERP solution for small and medium sized companies

The ideal ERP solution for small and medium sized companies Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) is the ideal business management software for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as for medium-sized enterprises which need an adaptable, flexible international solution for their subsidiaries or branches.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a comprehensive ERP solution for the management of all corporate activities such as accounting and finance, the supply chain and commercial operations. It is available in 130 countries, with 46 different localised versions, including for Switzerland, which makes it suitable for companies with subsidiaries abroad. Thanks to its clearly-defined competitive price, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is now the business management software of choice of over 102,000 enterprises worldwide and one of the most widely-used ones in the Canton of Ticino, also owing to its multi-currency and multilingual support which includes Italian, German and French.

A fast, simple and flexible ERP system
Thanks to its flexibility and the possibility to integrate the standard product with Add-Ons and vertical solutions, the Dynamics NAV business management software meets the specific needs of companies operating in many different industries. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers the possibility to use all the functions of the system not only from the standard client Windows but also from any web browser (including Safari on Mac). However, there is more: its native applications for iOS mobile devices (iPhone and iPad), Android and Windows Phone simplify most daily tasks, whether you are in your office or on a trip. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is quick to implement, easy to set up and simple to use and can be customised without difficulty to the specific needs of the company and integrated with pre-existing applications and software, thus enhancing the growth of your company thanks to a flexible, scalable, easy-to-use solution.

  • On premise
  • In cloud, on Microsoft Azure, or third-party datacentre
  • With multi-tenant hosting

Why choose us

With 30 years of experience in the IT industry and over 15 years of activity as partners of Microsoft, we can work alongside you and support your team in the implementation of the ERP software that best suits your company’s needs, whether it is a small business, large enterprise or multinational. We offer software that is capable of dealing with each specific business task and duty to achieve the best results:

  • business accounting and financial management : this market-leading solution is intended for both the public and private sector and is capable of managing the billing process as well general and analytical accounts, including the chart of accounts, cash flow, resources and bank accounts;
  • Supply chain, production and operations : this software system allows tracing and managing your production activities and inventory as well as the entire order management process as well as suppliers;
  • Logistics : warehouse management allows monitoring the flows of incoming and outgoing products and managing storage spaces and can be integrated with a bar code reading in the management of inflows, dispatches, pick-ups, transfers, inventories and reclassifications;
  • Sales and assistance : manage your contacts, sales opportunities, customer orders and service agreements;
  • Order management : creates estimates, keeps track of projects and skills planning;
  • Business intelligence and reporting : get a comprehensive overview of your company and make well-informed decisions in line with your business goals.

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