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  • In the supply and logistics sectors, email communication is pivotal. However, organizations face threats like email fraud and phishing. GOLINE SA's clients struggled with configuring email authentication protocols manually. To address this challenge, GOLINE SA became an MSP Partner of PowerDMARC, collaborating to streamline implementation and management. PowerDMARC's cloud-based platform automated DMARC, SPF, and DKIM protocols for GOLINE SA's clients. This streamlined the transition to DMARC enforcement policies, bolstering domain protection without compromising email deliverability. The intuitive platform facilitated easy navigation and provided detailed reporting for proactive issue resolution. GOLINE SA's clients experienced tangible benefits: Enhanced Email Security: Automated protocols...
  • Route RPKI validation April 1st, 2022
    RPKI is a security framework by which network owners can validate and secure the critical route updates or Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) announcements between public Internet networks. BGP is essentially the central nervous system of the Internet and one of its fundamental building blocks. The main function of BGP is to facilitate efficient routing between Autonomous Systems (AS), by building and maintaining the Internet routing table. The Internet routing table is effectively the navigation system of the Internet and without it, traffic would be unable to flow between its constituent networks. Unfortunately, routing equipment alone cannot distinguish between legitimate and malicious routing announcements,...
  • RIPE – Atlas Anchor February 17th, 2022
    We have become an even more integral part of the RIPE Atlas project by hosting an anchor, a device that allows for latency analysis of traffic between autonomous systems.https://atlas.ripe.net/probes/7073/RIPE Atlas anchors play an integral role in the RIPE Atlas network by acting both as enhanced RIPE Atlas probes with more measurement capacity, as well as regional measurement targets within the greater RIPE Atlas network. Anchors are able to perform many more measurements than a regular RIPE Atlas probe, and the large amount of data they collect is made available to everyone. In addition, anchors act as powerful targets that can...

UbiBot® offers a revolutionary way to monitor environmental conditions. Sensors sync with the UbiBot® IoT Platform via WiFi for easy access to data from anywhere via smartphone or web.

➤ For futher information or if you wish to purchase Ubibot sensors, please write to: sales@goline.ch.

Industrial Monitoring – Warehouse

UbiBot ® provides you with real-time wireless monitoring of storage conditions in your warehouse. Monitor conditions remotely or out of hours and give yourself peace of mind that all’s well.

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UBI APP: Multi-channel Configurable Alerts

Advanced Alert Options: Like a good night’s sleep? Choose the times an alert is active so you aren’t disturbed.
Multiple Channels: UbiBot® offers multiple channels to receive alerts. From email and voice to in-app notifications and SMS messages.
A Virtual Guardian: The alert service monitors your devices remotely. Receive alerts if any metric goes outside the range you set.
Online Monitoring: UbiBot® alert you as soon as any device goes offline. Remember that our devices still record data when offline, so you won’t lose any readings.

Data Sharing

Around the Clock Monitoring: Set customizable alert times for uninterrupted peace of mind
Real-time Observations: View real-time conditions and share measurements effortlessly with the App
Shared Alerts: Share your device and include others in alerts, perfect for on-call teams.
Manage Data in One Place: The UbiBot ® App centralizes data sharing management and provides visibility into previous data access.

Many Satisfied Customers

UbiBot serves clients in greenhouse growing, warehousing, pharmaceutical storage, IT, production, and museums, offering customized wireless environmental monitoring solutions.

➤ For futher informarmation or if you wish to purchase Ubibot sensors, please write to: sales@goline.ch.