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The term “virtualisation” refers to the possibility to abstract the hardware components of an ordinary computer in order to make them available to software in the form of virtual resources.
This process allows for installing one or several different operating systems on the same server dividing it into virtual machines.
One advantage of server virtualisation is that such server has all the potentials and features of a physical server while the resources are shared by all the virtual machines.

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Telephony Cisco

For over a decade, GOLINE SA has offered top-quality services in the IP Voice-over Telecommunications sector.
Cisco IP Communications solutions are based on open, convergent architecture which exploits the inherent intelligence of the IP network. They ensure enhanced communication possibilities along with the substantial reduction of costs as well as infrastructure and management complexity, especially for remote and decentralised offices.

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The security team constantly works towards protecting IT systems in terms of the availability, confidentiality and integrity of the assets.

We constantly endeavour to identify the threats and vulnerabilities in the systems, whether they are from inside or outside the IT network. Our proven experience gained over the years makes GOLINE an industry leader.

Below are some examples of protection or reorganisation of the crucial areas which need to be secured in your company. The analysis and expertise regarding the areas to be protected is the result of years of practical experience in the field, alongside the world’s leading vendors of IT and computer security solutions.

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Goline SA offers 360-degree services for the design and setting-up of complex IT networks.

Our team of experts have extensive experience in the networking area and, over the years, have assisted countless clients in constantly keeping their infrastructure up to date and upgrading it as their company grew.
Our research team evaluates the new solutions offered by different brands with a view to proposing only the most suitable ones. Our goal is to stay abreast of emerging trends in Information Technology while maintaining reliability and total control over the assets.

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What is domotics?
The term Domotics comes from the combination of the Latin word Domus (home) and the Greek suffix Ticos, which refers to application disciplines. Practically speaking, domotics is an interdisciplinary science that deals with the study of the technologies aimed at improving our quality of life at home and in the office.

What does it allow us to do?
Simply said, domotics allows us to considerably improve the performance and increase the possibilities offered by the different functions and systems in the home, optimising energy and utilities consumption and enabling the integration of different functions such as home security monitoring, climate control, energy saving and communication.

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The idea behind GOLINE’s activity is to support the growth of modern, innovative companies whose focus is on the talents that can make a difference in devising the most appropriate solutions.
We specialise in the creation of software for the logistic platforms used within the distribution chain of fresh products. In conjunction with our clients, we have developed a complete suite of tools specifically designed for solving all the common problems typically encountered in this particular sector.
In addition, we are retailers of some leading brands and specialise in networking, virtualisation and security. We provide consultancy in the field of systems engineering as well as document management, CRM, Cloud and hosting, Wi-Fi networks distributed in production areas and many other customised solutions.




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