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For over a decade, GOLINE SA has offered top-quality services in the IP Voice-over Telecommunications sector.
Cisco IP Communications solutions are based on open, convergent architecture which exploits the inherent intelligence of the IP network. They ensure enhanced communication possibilities along with the substantial reduction of costs as well as infrastructure and management complexity, especially for remote and decentralised offices.

Cisco IP Communications offers a secure, 360° solution at application level (call-processing, multimedia streams, convergent applications) as well as at physical and network level. Sophisticated mechanisms of Quality of Service (QoS) and intelligent content management ensure the best voice and visual quality even in wireless environments.
The typical configuration of an IP Cisco Systems telephony system involves the use of the Call Manager, a real thinking centre of the voice infrastructure, to enable all cutting-edge telephone services.

Benefits of adopting IP telephony

The IP telephony system allows integrating innovative applications more easily. These can be:

Voice and data as one
IP telephony systems allow even data swapped from PCs or transmitted over the Internet to travel on the same network. Managing a single network for both data and voice reduces the total cost of the network life cycle.

Unified Messaging
A convergent network will allow you to rely on a powerful messaging tool offering voice mail, e-mail and fax through just one user interface. What is more, e-mails can also be read from mobile phones thanks to text-to-speech technology.
All this enhances employees’ efficiency and the ability to meet customers’ requirements.

A cable for each workstation
IP Phone Cisco Systems have an extra network port for PC connection.
This means that one cable can supply all the necessary services to each workstation, which allows companies that are setting up new offices to substantially reduce wiring costs.


In the telecommunications and IT language, Voice over IP (i.e. voice through Internet protocol), whose acronym is VoIP, is a technology which allows making telephone calls using an Internet connection or connection to any other packet-switched data dedicated network using the IP protocol data transport connection.
More specifically, VoIP refers to the set of application layer communication protocols which make this type of communication possible. Thanks to a large number of VoIP providers, it is also possible to make phone calls to the traditional telephony network (PSTN). Actually, the VoIP technology generally allows for real-time audio-video communication via unicast or multicast which uses a packet network (e.g. phone call, video call and video conference).


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