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GoFresh is a suite of tools designed to support the day-to-day activity of logistic platforms. The automated processes integrated with the active and the passive cycle of the ERP system replace the manual operation of entering data by the operator, thus saving time and reducing the likelihood of human error.

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Goline is a partner of QLIK and markets its software, technical consultancy, as well as product development and installation.

QLIK is a business Discovery platform i.e. (advanced Business Logic oriented towards the sharing of information among applications, mobility as well as analyses and interaction concerning shared data). It provides Business Intelligence (BI) functions for analysing data, leading them to perform decision-making and assessment processes.
The Qlik platform differs from usual Business Intelligence tools in that it does not need to depend on structures equipped with data warehouse.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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La soluzione ERP ideale per le piccole e medie imprese

The ideal ERP solution for small and medium sized companies Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) is the ideal business management software for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as for medium-sized enterprises which need an adaptable, flexible international solution for their subsidiaries or branches.

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B2B - B2C integration

The computerisation of processes has made it possible to automate inter-company communications and simplified business transactions between companies thanks to B2B (Business-to-business) processes as well as between companies and consumers or customers thanks to B2C (Business to Consumer or Customer) processes.

B2B processes identify a company’s relations with its suppliers or final customers within the management of procurement, planning and production-monitoring activities and in monitoring the progress of product processing, as well as its relations with subcontractors, so as to identify the flow within the production chain.

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Our new website has been released!

Many thanks to Manuele Abbruzzetti, Matteo Bagnolati, Miro Manglaviti and Gianluca Tanzarella.



One that needs specific attention is the error, "Hot-add of digest enabled disk not supported".  This means specifically that View Storage Accelerator (VSA) has been enabled (also called Host Caching).  VSA causes a set of additional files to be associated with every VMDK it affects: diskname-digest.vmdk and diskname-digest-flat.vmdk.  As the error says, you cannot "hot-add" a digest-enabled disk, which means you cannot add a digest-enabled disk to a running VM.

Unfortunately, Unidesk rebuilds require being able to hot-add disks to the CP all the time.  Requiring a CP reboot every time we needed to add a disk would be a disaster.  So enabling VSA, and thus enabling disk digests, cannot function with vRangerPro 7.


Our Autonomous System has been announced!
On the Internet, an autonomous system (AS) is the unit of router policy, either a single network or a group of networks that is controlled by a common network administrator (or group of administrators) on behalf of a single administrative entity (such as a university, a business enterprise, or a business division). An autonomous system is also sometimes referred to as a routing domain. An autonomous system is assigned a globally unique number, sometimes called an Autonomous System Number (ASN).



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The idea behind GOLINE’s activity is to support the growth of modern, innovative companies whose focus is on the talents that can make a difference in devising the most appropriate solutions.
We specialise in the creation of software for the logistic platforms used within the distribution chain of fresh products. In conjunction with our clients, we have developed a complete suite of tools specifically designed for solving all the common problems typically encountered in this particular sector.
In addition, we are retailers of some leading brands and specialise in networking, virtualisation and security. We provide consultancy in the field of systems engineering as well as document management, CRM, Cloud and hosting, Wi-Fi networks distributed in production areas and many other customised solutions.




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