Goline SA offers 360-degree services for the design and setting-up of complex IT networks.

Our team of experts have extensive experience in the networking area and, over the years, have assisted countless clients in constantly keeping their infrastructure up to date and upgrading it as their company grew.
Our research team evaluates the new solutions offered by different brands with a view to proposing only the most suitable ones. Our goal is to stay abreast of emerging trends in Information Technology while maintaining reliability and total control over the assets.

Our selected vendors in the networking sector are Cisco, HP, Sophos, Ubiquiti and Barracuda, which awarded us technical certifications.
Our services are aimed at creating, developing and managing your network system:


  • Design of LAN/WAN network infrastructures LAN/WAN
  • Installation and migration minimising disruption time
  • Sale of hardware and software
  • Network maintenance & management services
  • 24/7 availability services
  • Consultancy services that ensure business continuity and tailored daily assistance
  • Network Assessment, to certify the state of your system and identify and suggest possible upgrades
  • Laying of structured wiring and installation of network cabinets



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The idea behind GOLINE’s activity is to support the growth of modern, innovative companies whose focus is on the talents that can make a difference in devising the most appropriate solutions.
We specialise in the creation of software for the logistic platforms used within the distribution chain of fresh products. In conjunction with our clients, we have developed a complete suite of tools specifically designed for solving all the common problems typically encountered in this particular sector.
In addition, we are retailers of some leading brands and specialise in networking, virtualisation and security. We provide consultancy in the field of systems engineering as well as document management, CRM, Cloud and hosting, Wi-Fi networks distributed in production areas and many other customised solutions.




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